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A pair of transparent dental retainers with blue and red identifying marks are held carefully in black gloved hands.

About Our Custom Fitting Process

Information about the ordering process for our custom-fit in ear monitors and earplugs, the different options for providing us with impressions of your ears, and frequently asked questions

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A pair of high-end in-ear headphones with metallic design and balanced armature drivers, sitting in a foam insert of its storage box, contrasted against a blurred document in the background. color highlights in blue and tones in grayscale.

About Our Custom Artwork

Information about the different options for personalizing your MEE Professional in ear monitors, the ordering process for custom text and custom artwork faceplates, and frequently asked questions.

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Two custom in-ear monitors, one red and one blue, with white faceplates featuring logo engravings, set against a black background.

Introduction to In-Ear Monitors

Learn why musicians use in ear monitors, the different types of in-ear monitoring solutions on the market, and how to select the best in ear monitors for your needs

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Close-up of a person's left ear wearing a custom-fit blue earbud, with text that reads "custom-fit for your ears only" on a grey background.

Modular vs Custom In Ear Monitors

In this article we explore some of the thinking behind the development of the MX PRO modular in ear monitors and the differences between modular and custom in ear monitors

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Five retractable tape measures with the lettering "mxe" printed on a clear window, paired with five auxiliary audio cables featuring metal-tipped plugs, arranged alternately on a white background.

Are More Drivers Always Better?

In this write-up we explore why some in-ear monitors have multiple drivers and whether buying the IEM with the highest driver count always gets you the best bang for your buck

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Two custom-molded, blue in-ear monitors with a "r" marking on one, focused closely on a blurry wooden surface.

The Importance of Custom Earplugs

Learn how high fidelity custom ear plugs are different from conventional dollar-store foam earplugs and why they offer the best ear protection for musicians

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A close-up of two custom in-ear monitors with transparent casings and engraved logos, "big" and "srg," placed next to a pair of overlapping sunglasses on a dark surface.

In-Ear Monitor Care & Maintenance

Our best practices for taking care of your in-ear monitors to ensure best performance and longevity.

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Close-up of a person in black gloves handling a small glass bottle with a pipette, against a neutral background.

Nozzle Filter Replacement Guide

Nozzle filters protect the your monitors from earwax, skin oils, and debris. Follow our nozzle filter guide to check if your filters need replacing and for replacement instructions.

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Image of Pinnacle P1 High Fidelity Audiophile In-Ear Headphones.

Comply Foam Ear Tips Sizing Guide

Find out which Comply eartips are included with your MEE audio in-ear monitors and where to get replacements.

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