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About Custom IEMs and Ear Plugs

Ordering Process

To make a product tailored to the exact shape and size of your ears, we first need to have a 3D model of your ears, which we can make based on either digital or physical ear impressions.

When placing your order, select how you will provide your ear impressions to us. There are 2 options:

Obtain Ear Impressions from a Local Audiologist

Audiologists are able to make a physical cast of your ears for a small fee, which you can then send in to our office for scanning. If you select this option, place your order first and you will also receive a follow-up email with full instructions.

Find an audiologist

Locate an audiology office near you and contact the audiologist to find out the fees and set an appointment. We recommend contacting several audiologists as ear impression costs can vary significantly.

A list of audiologists we’ve worked with can be found here and can help simplify your search if one is in your area.

Bring our instruction sheet

Download and bring our Audiologist Instruction Sheet, which tells your audiologist what we’re looking for in a good set of ear impressions

Verify your impressions

Once you have your impressions in hand, please email your order number and impression photos to impressions@meeaudio.com so that we can visually inspect them for any issues that may prevent a good fit of the completed custom product. This approval process will help avoid any delay and expenses of sending impressions back and forth if they are not adequate. Please follow the examples below to make sure your photos capture every angle of the impressions. We will reply within 1 business day.

*Please note: An order number is required for the impression verification process*

Mail us your impressions

Once your impressions are approved, please mail them to the address provided below. Please include your Order Number in the address so that we can match your impressions with your order.

MEE audio customs dept.
Order# {Your Order Number}
817 Lawson St.
City of Industry, CA 91748

You will receive a confirmation email once your impressions have been received.

Use Existing Ear Impressions

If you already have a custom-fit product from us or have gotten scanned by us at a past event, we already have your ear scans on file and you may choose this option. There is no further action needed on your part if we already have your impressions – just finish checking out and relax until your custom-fit product arrives.


Have a question we didn't answer? Contact orders@pro.meeaudio.com

How long will it take to receive my order?

There is an additional 3-4 week manufacturing time for custom-fit products, plus the shipping time for whichever shipping method you select at checkout. Manufacturing starts the next business day after we receive your order or your ear impressions, whichever comes later. A rush processing option is also available and takes the manufacturing time down to 5 business days.

How long does shipping take?

Domestic orders: if "Free shipping" is selected at checkout, your order will be shipped as a USPS 1st class package, which typically delivers in 3-7 business days. Faster shipping methods are available at checkout.

International orders: if "First-Class Package International Service" is selected at checkout, there is no set delivery window but packages are typically delivered within approximately 20 business days. Please note that the number provided with this delivery method is a Customs ID number and not a tracking number, and should not be relied on for package status updates. Once USPS hands off the package to your local carrier, the Customs ID may reveal the Customs status of the package through your local carrier, but it is not guaranteed. Faster shipping methods are available at checkout.

How do I install my new custom eartips?

View the Fit Guide video below for instructions on how to use your custom eartips.

Are the custom eartips removable once installed?

Yes, the custom eartips can be removed and re-installed like any other eartips.

How do I care for my custom eartips?

To maintain your custom eartips in the best cosmetic condition, we recommend wiping them down with a moist cloth after use and using the included earwax cleaning tool periodically to scoop any residue out of the nozzles of your custom eartips. Do not leave your custom eartips in direct sunlight or expose them to excess heat as this may deform the silicone material.

What if I lose one of my custom eartips or would like a new pair in a different color?

We can reprint one or both of your eartips in any color at a reduced cost. The cost to reprint one eartip is $50 and the cost to reprint both is $75. Contact orders@pro.meeaudio.com if you need to order a reprint.

What if I want a set of custom eartips for a different earphone or custom earplugs?

MEE Professional will keep your impressions on file and you can order additional custom-fit products on our website at any time.

Can you make custom eartips for any other earphones?

MEE custom eartips are available only for MEE Professional in-ear monitors: MX PRO (all models), M6 PRO (both 1st and 2nd generation) and M7 PRO.

A close-up side view of a young man wearing a wireless earphone and carrying a guitar strap, focused on his work in a dimly lit setting.

Why Custom Fit?

To get the optimal audio quality from any set of In-Ear Monitors (IEMs), an airtight seal with your ears is absolutely imperative. The shape of your ears is as unique as a fingerprint, however, which can make it difficult to get a perfect seal with conventional silicone or foam ear tips, not to mention maintain that seal as you move about.

Custom in-ear monitors and earplugs avoid issues with fit and seal by contouring your ears exactly for a perfect fit that never falls out. Our in-ear monitors use custom molded eartips made out of soft, medical-grade silicone in order provide a more consistent seal for improved audio performance and maximum noise isolation without discomfort.

Two high-end in-ear monitors with custom ear molds, one blue and the other red, featuring metallic faceplates with stylish logos, displayed against a dark reflective background.

Modular In-Ear Monitors

Our unique modular concept blurs the line between universal and custom IEMs, letting you start with a set of universal in-ears and convert to them custom-fit later, as well as to upgrade or replace your earpieces without having to get new molds. With options ranging from 1 to 4 drivers per side, our monitors deliver top-notch performance at a fraction of the price of conventional custom IEMs.

You can design your monitors from the ground up using our design-your-own interface, or add the custom eartips to your monitors later by ordering them separately. Please note that while the custom-fit eartips for all the MX PRO series monitors (e.g. MX1 PRO and MX4 PRO) are interchangeable, custom-fit eartips made for an older MEE monitors, such as the M6 PRO, will not fit a different model.

Design Your Own: MX PRO Custom Eartips

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