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Comply Foam Ear Tips for MEE audio In-Ear Monitors

The following MEE audio and MEE Professional in-ear monitors include Comply memory foam eartips:

    • M6 PRO MX PRO (all models) - includes Comply T200, M size
    • Pinnacle P2 - includes Comply T200, M size
    • Pinnacle P1 - includes Comply T200, S / M / L sizes

Comply 200-Series eartips also offer the best compatibility for most other MEE audio earphones including all variants of the M6 sports earphones, the X1, and the X6.

If you need to know the correct Comply size for legacy MEE audio earphones, please Contact Us.

Replacement Comply tips can be purchased at complyfoam.com as well as from Comply Distributors worldwide.