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Blue and red custom ear plugs with a caption that reads SNOOZ-Zs EARPLUGS SLEEPING ISOLATION FOR YOU

Why Custom Earplugs?
The shape of your ears is as unique as a fingerprint. Using state of the art 3D printing technology, we create custom molded earplugs perfectly sculpted to the exact shape of your ears for unparalleled comfort.
Medical-Grade Materials
Our custom molded earplugs are made of high-quality, biocompatible, medical-grade silicone that is safe for long periods of direct contact with the skin for complete peace of mind.
Man sleeping while wearing a custom earplug on a blue background
Sound Isolation + Maximum Comfort
Snooz-Zs are completely solid all of the way through, providing noise reduction of up to 29dB to help block out unwanted sounds. Specifically designed for sleeping, Snooz-Zs are made using an extra-soft silicone material, making them the most comfortable custom earplugs we offer. Sleep peacefully and comfortably all night with a pair of Snooz-Zs.
Secure and Easy to Use
Featuring a half-shell design, Snooz-Zs sit deep within the bowl of your ear and extend into the helix to ensure they stay in your ears all night long. Snooz-Zs come standard with a red right earpiece and blue left earpiece, making them easier to tell apart in low light environments.

Comparison Chart
MEE Professional Custom Molded Earplugs
Custom Earplug Model Audio Plugs
High Fidelity Filtered Earplugs
Filtered Earplugs
Full Shell Earplugs
Sleeping Earplugs
Recommended for Concerts/Events, Musicians, Audiophiles Everyday use, Swimming, Motorcycling Construction, Industrial, Hunting/Shooting, Motorsports/Speedways Sleeping
Isolation 10 dB, 15 dB, or 25 dB 5 dB or 15 dB Up to 35 dB Up to 29 dB
Interchangeable filters
Audio Fidelity ★★★★★ ★★★
Fit / Form Factor Canal Half Shell Full Shell Half Shell
Material Medical-grade silicone Medical-grade silicone Medical-grade silicone Extra soft medical-grade silicone
Available Colors /

Fit Guarantee

MEE audio will modify or re-make any custom-fit product returned due to poor fit within 45 days of purchase. Please contact orders@meeaudio.com if you require a refit and we will help you through the process. For more information, see our Warranty Policy.

Returns and Warranty

Each pair of MEE audio custom earplugs is made to order and uniquely tailored to the shape of your ears. Because of this, MEE audio does not allow returns of any custom-fit/made-to-order products other than for refits (see the Fit Guarantee section above for more info).

Our standard 1-year warranty applies to materials and workmanship. For more information, see our Warranty Policy.


We offer a reprint service for custom-fit products. If anything happens to your earplugs that is not covered by our standard warranty (e.g. one of the earplugs is lost) or after the warranty period, we'll reprint them for the flat fee listed below:

Cost to reprint both ears: $75
Cost to reprint one ear: $50

To request a reprint, send an email to orders@MEEaudio.com. Please include your original order number and the ear that requires replacement (if only getting one ear reprinted) and we'll get back to you with instructions on placing the reprint order. For more information, see our Lifetime Replacement Policy.