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MX PRO Modular In-Ear Monitors

MX PRO in-ear monitors blur the line between universal and custom in-ears with a patent-pending fully modular design that allows all parts, customizations, and accessories to be changed or upgraded independently. Learn more about our modular system below.

Step 1. Select MX PRO Model and Color

Choose one of four available driver configurations.

Step 2. Customize with Faceplates, Eartips and Accessories

Personalize your monitors with engraved metal faceplates and take your fit and comfort to the next level with our 3D-printed custom eartips.

Designed for the stage, built for the road

Engineered for real-world reliability, the MX PRO monitors feature a sweat-resistant design and detachable, replaceable cables. A spare cable with headset functionality is included.

Superior fit & comfort

Designed for extended listening sessions, the MX PRO monitors utilize flexible over-the-ear memory wire, providing a secure fit for all ears and eliminating the need to re-adjust your earphones.

Sound-isolating design

The sealed in-ear design and included Comply™ T-Series memory foam eartips reduce outside noise, enabling safer listening volumes. For even more comfort and noise isolation, upgrade to our custom-fit 3D-printed eartips.

Headset cable with mic & remote

The included headset cable features a built-in microphone and remote, letting you seamlessly take calls and control media playback with phones and tablets.

Lifetime replacement

Things don't always go according to plan the real world. If your headphones get crushed, shredded, fried, or simply left behind at a venue we’ve got you covered. Just tell us what happened and we’ll give you a new pair at half price, no questions asked. Visit https://meeaudio.com/pages/lrp for more information.

What's in the box

MX PRO In-Ear Monitors,
Stereo audio cable,
Stereo headset cable,
Carrying case with carabiner,
Comply™ memory foam eartips,
Silicone eartips (4 pairs),
Shirt clips (2 pairs),
¼” (6.3mm) adapter,
User Manual