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Blue custom ear plugs with a caption that reads Isolation Tailored for You
Why Custom Earplugs?
Protect the most important instrument available to any musician -- YOUR EARS! Our custom earplugs are built to the exact shape and size of your ears using state of the art 3D printing technology and feature flat-response filters that provide great ear protection without sacrificing audio quality.
Clear custom earplugs with a variety of interchangeable flat response filters
Comfortable, compact, and nearly invisible
The shape of your ears is as unique as a fingerprint. Custom molded earplugs contour this shape exactly for a perfect fit that never falls out. Featuring a sleek, low-profile design and made out of soft, medical-grade silicone, they can be worn all-day and even while sleeping.
Man wearing blue custom molded earplugs
High-fidelity isolation
Conventional earplugs block out more noise at some frequencies than others, resulting in a low-fidelity, muffled sound when worn. Flat-response high fidelity ear plugs instead use a filter to reduce sound levels evenly so that music and speech are clear and natural.
Isolation Tailored for you
Our custom earplugs utilize interchangeable, removable filters that let you adjust the level of isolation to fit your needs. At checkout you will be able to choose the filter that best suits your application. Additional filters can be added to your order or purchased separately later.
10 db Filter

10 db Flat Response Filter

-9 dB from 125 Hz to 2 kHz, -13 dB from 2 kHz to 8 kHz

Perfect for:

  • Bass players/drummers who want to filter out high frequencies but still have a solid bottom end response


15 db Filter

15 db Flat Response Filter

-15 dB flat linear response from 125 Hz to 8 kHz

Perfect for:

  • Concert goers who want a full-fidelity experience without damaging their hearing
  • Engineers or producers who want to maintain a flat response at a lower volume level in the studio
  • Guitar players/singers that want a linear response at a lower level


25 db Filter

25 db Flat Response Filter

-25 dB from 125 Hz to 2 kHz, -20 dB from from 3 kHz to 6 kHz, -25 db at 8 kHz

Perfect for:

  • Concert goers who want added protection with clarity at higher frequencies
  • Guitar players/singers who need to filter out more bottom end while maintaining crisp highs


Chart comparing the acoustic specifications of three different flat response filters for high fidelity ear plugs

Comparison Chart
MEE Professional Custom Molded Earplugs
Custom Earplug Model Audio Plugs
High Fidelity Filtered Earplugs
Filtered Earplugs
Full Shell Earplugs
Sleeping Earplugs
Recommended for Concerts/Events, Musicians, Audiophiles Everyday use, Swimming, Motorcycling Construction, Industrial, Hunting/Shooting, Motorsports/Speedways Sleeping
Isolation 10 dB, 15 dB, or 25 dB 5 dB or 15 dB Up to 35 dB Up to 29 dB
Interchangeable filters
Audio Fidelity ★★★★★ ★★★
Fit / Form Factor Canal Half Shell Full Shell Half Shell
Material Medical-grade silicone Medical-grade silicone Medical-grade silicone Extra soft medical-grade silicone
Available Colors /

How to Order

1. Select your filter value

One pair of filters is included with each custom earplug order and will ship pre-installed. The filters are interchangeable and additional filters can be found here. You can add additional filters to your earplug order, or order them separately later.

2. Select how you will get us your ear impressions

Custom-fit products require us to have a set of ear impressions or a 3D model of your ears. There are 2 ways for you to get these to us:

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Obtain Ear Impressions from a Local Audiologist

Audiologists anywhere in the world are able to make a cast of your ears for a small fee, which you can then send in to our office for scanning. After purchasing your custom eartips, you will receive an email with instructions for obtaining and sending in your ear impressions. Visit our Custom-Fit Info Page to learn more about this process.

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Use Existing Ear Impressions

If you already have a set of MEE audio custom products or have gotten scanned by us at a previous event, we already have your ear scans on file and you may choose this option.

3. Complete checkout process

Depending on the option you chose in step 2, you may get additional instructions via email after placing your order.

4. Get your custom earplugs in the mail

We will manufacture your custom earplugs using medical-grade, biocompatible silicone and ship them to you

What's in the box
MEE audio custom earplugs
Bottle of oto-gel
Earwax cleaning tool
Instruction card

Fit Guarantee

MEE audio will modify or re-make any custom-fit product returned due to poor fit within 45 days of purchase. Please contact orders@meeaudio.com if you require a refit and we will help you through the process. For more information, see our Warranty Policy.


We offer a reprint service for custom-fit products. If anything happens to your earplugs that is not covered by our standard warranty (e.g. one of the earplugs is lost) or after the warranty period, we'll reprint them for the flat fee listed below:

Cost to reprint both ears: $75
Cost to reprint one ear: $50

To request a reprint, send an email to orders@MEEaudio.com. Please include your original order number and the ear that requires replacement (if only getting one ear reprinted) and we'll get back to you with instructions on placing the reprint order. For more information, see our Lifetime Replacement Policy.