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Ear Impression

Ear Impression Verification

Step one

Once you have your impressions in hand, please email us your order number and photos of your impressions at impressions@meeaudio.com so that we can visually inspect them to make sure there are no issues with them that may prevent a good scan and subsequently a good fit of the completed custom-fit product. This can help avoid the delay and expense of sending impressions back and forth if the first set is not adequate. Please follow the examples below to make sure your photos capture every angle of the impressions.

Step two

Once your impressions are approved, please mail them to the address provided below. Please include your Order Number in the address so that we can match your impressions with your order.

MEE audio Customs Dept.
Order ID (Include your order number here)
817 Lawson St.
City of Industry, CA 91748