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User Manuals

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Connect Series

A black streaming media player labeled "mee" connected to a cable on a wooden desk, next to a remote control and a part of a black electronic device.

Connect T1 / T1B

User Manual

A smartphone beside a wireless router on a wooden desk, with the router displaying various connection indicators and cables connected to its ports.

Connect Hub

User Manual

A close-up of travel essentials including a u.s. passport, sunglasses, earphones, a smartphone, and a leather wallet on a textured dark surface.

Connect Air

User Manual

A close-up of a pair of over-ear headphones with textured ear cups, next to a small black electronic device, against a backdrop of a green plant and white wooden slats.

Connect T1CMA

User Manual

Wireless neckband earphones with inline controls and magnetic earbuds next to their charging case, resting on a gray wooden surface.

Connect T1N1

User Manual

Headphone Collection

A smartphone displaying colorful app icons lies next to black headphones and a carrying case on a wooden table.

Matrix Cinema

User Manual

A close-up of a black wireless headphone set with the brand "mee" indicated on the earcup, resting on a metallic, blurred background.

Matrix Cinema ANC

User Manual

Image of KidJamz KJ55 Safe Listening USB-C Headphones for Kids with LED Lights.

KidJamz KJ55

User Manual

Three colorful mee headphones in blue, pink, and green, each with cushioned ear pads, displayed against a pastel striped background.

KidJamz KJ45BT

User Manual

A close-up of a hand holding mint green headphones with a textured cable. the headphone has a visible brand logo "mee" in the center.

KidJamz KJ45

User Manual

Young boy wearing a headset with a microphone, smiling, and touching one earpiece, against a bright green background.

KidJamz KJ35M

User Manual

A smiling young boy wearing blue headphones, using a smartphone at a white table with a pencil and toy guitar visible in the background.

KidJamz KJ35

User Manual