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United States of America

Logo of best buy featuring bold white text "best buy" on a yellow tag-shaped background with a black outline and a small black circle on the upper left.Logo of target corporation featuring its iconic red bullseye symbol next to the word "target" in bold, red uppercase letters.Logo of walmart featuring blue text for "walmart" with an orange asterisk-like symbol to the right.Logo of sam ash, featuring stylized text "sam ash" in bold with the tagline "musical instruments | pro audio | dj gear" underneath, all in a sophisticated gray and red color scheme.A solid orange background with a smooth texture and a consistent color throughout.The logo of b&h photo video pro audio, featuring bold red and yellow text with a white outline, and a graphical element resembling a camera lens incorporated in the design.

Other Countries

Australia & New Zealand

Logo of amazon.com.au featuring the name "amazon" in black lowercase letters, followed by ".com.au" in gray, with an orange curved arrow underneath from the 'a' to 'z'.Logo of xenonoz distribution featuring stylized black text with a red accent on the letter "x".Logo of better music featuring a stylized 'bm' inside a circle next to the words "better music" in lowercase, sleek, modern font.Logo of new zealand rockshop, featuring a blue oval with white and green borders, and the text "new zealand rockshop est. 1986" in white on a green background.

Argentina & Brazil

A blue and black logo featuring the word "music" written in bold, along with stylized letters arranged to form an abstract design, all tilted within a square frame.Logo of "capital sound" featuring a bold, stylized letter c connected to the words "capital sound" in sleek, modern font.Logo of amazon.com.br featuring the word 'amazon' in black lowercase font with a swooping orange smile-like arrow underneath, extending from the 'a' to 'z', and '.com.br' in gray.


Logo of amazon canada, featuring the word "amazon.ca" in black font with a stylized orange smile below the text.Logo of best buy featuring bold white text "best buy" on a yellow tag-shaped background with a black outline and a small black circle on the upper left.Logo of costco wholesale featuring the word "costco" in bold red letters with "wholesale" underneath, alongside a blue and red heart design next to the text.



Logo of "instock" featuring stylized red bars resembling sound equalizer levels, with the slogan "profesionales en audio" beneath in black text.A blue circular logo featuring a white graphic of a pulse line connected to an audio jack, with the text "inears.colombia" at the bottom.

Czech Republic

Logo of empetria, featuring a stylized letter ‘e’ within a circle on the left, followed by the word "empetria" in lowercase, modern, sans-serif font.

France & Germany

Logo of amazon france, featuring "amazon.fr" in black text with orange arrow forming a smile underneath, indicating the amazon shopping website's french division.Logo of amazon.de featuring the distinctive amazon font in black with a smiling orange arrow below, pointing from the 'a' to 'z'.


The logo for arti music, featuring stylized black text "arti music" with a red symbol resembling a heart and headphones integrated into the design. below, a slogan reads "senti i veri suoni della musica!" in grey.


Logo of "sb" featuring stylized white letters 'sb' with a speaker icon, on a red background, alongside the text "super bocinas" in smaller white font.


Logo of muzix audio featuring stylized text in gold and orange, with the word "muzix" in large, bold letters and "audio" beneath it in a smaller font, accompanied by the slogan "pure music.


Logo of "iran headphone" featuring a stylized headphone graphic in black and gray, with persian text above that translates to "iran headphone, professional headphone services.Logo of digikala, featuring the brand name in lowercase red letters accompanied by an arabic script tagline underneath, set on a white background.Logo of hamoon trading featuring a stylized black wave-like design above arabic script and the name "hamoon trading" in bold capital letters.


Logo of amazon japan, featuring the word "amazon.co.jp" in black font with an orange smile-shaped arrow beneath it pointing from the 'a' to the 'z'.Red and white logo in chinese characters, possibly a sign for a business or organization, with a partially visible red block on the right side.Logo of "e☆イヤホン," featuring an orange and white color scheme. the design includes a star and the text "www.e-earphone.jp" with "web通販" beneath it.Red and white logo of yodobashi camera, featuring the name "yodobashi" in bold, uppercase, western-style letters along with japanese katakana characters above.Red and black logo with the text "eiu-dna.com" styled in a bold, modern font, emphasizing the dna theme with a double helix graphic integrated into the design.Bright red logo with "fujiya avic" written in bold white letters.


Amazon's logo with a stylized orange smile arrow pointing from the letter 'a' to 'z', indicating a range of offerings from a to z.Logo of mercado libre featuring a handshake icon in white on a blue circle, with the name "mercado libre" in lowercase black letters on a yellow background.Logo of audiofilla featuring a stylized human face wearing headphones on the left, with the text "www.audiofilla.com" next to it.The image is completely black, indicating total darkness or perhaps an absence of visual content.


Logo of "audiophile" featuring stylized text with a cloud-like design encompassing the word, all in black on a transparent background.


Logo of rvs.pl, featuring stylized blue and black text and the tagline "sklep e" with a description in polish mentioning home cinema and audio-video accessories.

Spain & Portugal

A bold graphic with a red background featuring the text "sound & pixel" in large white letters at the top, and "planet" at the bottom. a stylized, partially visible globe in maroon is centered behind the text.The image features a stylized black silhouette of a maple leaf against a vibrant orange background, with a partial circular outline around the leaf to the right.A graphic image featuring the words "my hi-fi house" in white letters on a bright red background. the text "hi-fi" is larger and emphasized compared to the other words.Logo of "supersonido" featuring stylized text in purple and pink gradient colors.Logo of radio colon featuring stylized lowercase lettering in navy, with an orange circle replacing the 'o' in "colon", and the tagline "desde 1923" below the name.Logo featuring the words "style sound" in a bold, stylistic black font with a modern design.Logo of "midimatic" featuring stylized text in red and black with the words "audio - video - solutions" beneath, alongside a graphical element resembling a film reel.A horizontal gradient transitioning through the colors of the rainbow from red to violet, displayed on a black background.Logo for "novomusica," featuring stylized black text and a symbolic dot, along with the texts "45 aniversario" and "19 años online.Logo of "phase" with black text and a green swoosh above and below, accompanied by the website "phase-store.com" in smaller letters.A stylized logo featuring the text "lafarga&herranz" in a modern, sans-serif font, displayed prominently in the center of a gray, textured background with a reflective effect.

Puerto Rico

Logo with the word "sound box" in uppercase letters, where "sound" is in white and "box" is in red, all against a black background.


Logo of "stereo the headphone concept store" featuring stylized text next to a graphic of a human head silhouette wearing headphones in black and pink colors.Logo of "challenger," featuring stylized blue text with a golden star above the letter "g.


Illustration of a simple, stylized skyline silhouette with abstract, geometric shapes and contrasting dark and light blue colors.Logo of ginza.se featuring a large white letter 'g' in a stylized design on a dark blue background, with the text "ginza.se" below in white lowercase letters.Green text logo for cdon.com, shown in a stylized, modern font against a plain background. the logo uses capital letters with a contemporary design.


Logo of ceralinear featuring a stylized green and black half-circle design with signal lines, paired with the company name in gray text.Logo of "soundmag" in orange and gray, featuring the text "верь своим ушам" which translates to "believe your ears" in russian.Logo of "portas," featuring stylized text with a human profile and a keyhole design in red and blue, accompanied by the slogan "акісний звук за доступною ціною" in gray.

United Kingdom

The logo of "amp3" featuring black stylized lower-case text alongside an orange circular design resembling a target or concentric circles.Amazon.co.uk logo featuring a black text "amazon" with a golden arrow curving from the 'a' to the 'z' under ".co.uk" in gray.


Logo of do media in black text, featuring bold, stylized letters "do" with the slogan "nghe là phải hay!" below it in smaller font.

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