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Why "Safe Listening" Kids Headphones?

Hearing is precious and needs to be protected from a young age as even short-term exposure to loud volumes can cause permanent hearing loss in children. KidJamz child-safe headphones use volume-limiting technology to ensure that the audio your kids are streaming from their devices is safe so you don’t have to constantly monitor how they listen to movies, music, and games.

KidJamz Volume-Limiting Technology

While regular headphones and earphones can easily exceed safe volumes by 50% or more, KidJamz utilize a proprietary volume limiter built into the structure of the speakers to maintain the sound pressure level (SPL) below a physician-recommended 85dB*, keeping young ears safe and helping create lifelong good listening habits.

*85dB limit is based on an industry-standard 1mW audio output of a typical portable audio device. Visit www.entnet.org for more information.

Volume Limiter Switch

A concealed switch allows parents to disable the volume limiter so that KidJamz can be used in noisy environments. This switch is protected against accidental activation and alternates between volume-limited (85dB) and unlimited modes, granting parents full control of the listening experience.

Built-in Headset

Integrated headset with flexible boom microphone, mute switch, and volume control makes the KidJamz perfect for distance learning, video chatting, gaming, and phone calls

Built-in Echo Reduction

Noise-cancelling boom mic eliminates echoes and decreases background noise, ensuring crystal clarity in any environment


For use with PCs, laptops, gaming consoles, tablets, smartphones, and other devices with a standard 3.5 mm headset jack

PCs and laptops Compatible as long as device has 3.5 mm headset jack. If device has separate jacks for headphones and microphone, an adapter such as our Skype adapter may be required
Smartphones and tablets Compatible as long as device has 3.5 mm headset jack or equivalent adapter
Microsoft Xbox ONE & Xbox Series X Compatible with 3.5 mm jack on controller. If your controller does not have a 3.5mm jack (1st generation Xbox One controller), headset adapter is required
Microsoft Xbox 360 Requires 3rd party headset adapter
Nintendo Switch™ Compatible with 3.5 mm jack on console while on the go (not docked)
Sony PS4™ Pro, PS4™, and PS5™ Compatible with 3.5 mm jack on controller
Sony PS Vita Compatible with 3.5 mm jack on console
Sony PS3 Requires 3rd party headset adapter

Designed with Kids in Mind

We set out to make KidJamz as safe and frustration-free as possible by utilizing BPA-free materials, an adjustable headband, and vinyl earpad cushions that provide a comfortable and secure fit for boys and girls ages 4-12

Durable Construction

Engineered with fewer moving parts and a flexible headband that can be bent and twisted in any direction without breaking, the KidJamz provide outstanding durability

MEE Signature Sound

We believe creating good listening habits early starts with great sound quality, and the KidJamz are tuned to deliver high quality stereo sound that is crisp and clear, yet smooth and non-fatiguing

What's In the Box

KidJamz Headphones and Cable
Safe Listening guide