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Stream TV Audio Wirelessly Over Bluetooth.

The MEE audio Connect wireless audio transmitter enables TVs and other devices to stream high-quality digital audio to up to two Bluetooth headphones or speakers, wirelessly. Experience full freedom of movement, listen without bothering those around you, and block out distractions with the Connect and your favorite pair of Bluetooth wireless headphones.

Powered by Bluetooth.

With Bluetooth wireless technology, the Connect transmits clear, distortion-free digital audio to Bluetooth headphones, speakers, and other receivers up to 30 feet away. There is no white noise, no need to “tune” for the right frequency, and no way for a stranger to listen in on your audio stream simply by having similar headphones.

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Bluetooth Audio for Two

Dual-Headphone Streaming

Stream audio to up to two AirPods or other Bluetooth headphones or speakers simultaneously

Bar graph comparison of audio codec latencies by connect: lowest to highest from aptx low latency, aac, aptx, to sbc showing millisecond delays. categories range from best (lowest delay) to noticeable delay.

Qualcomm aptX Low Latency technology

Lag-Free Audio

The Connect supports Qualcomm®aptX™and aptX™Low Latency Bluetooth audio codecs for high-fidelity, low latency audio with aptX-enabled headphones. aptX provides the highest possible wireless audio quality, delivering full-range sound with crystal clarity, while aptX Low Latency also minimizes audio delay and prevents lip-syncing issues.

Black wireless audio transmitter with power, optical, and 3.5 mm inputs displayed on its side, along with rca, 3.5mm, and optical compatibility icons below.

Digital & Analog Connectivity.

The Connect offers both analog and digital audio inputs for the widest compatibility with old and new TVs, as well as any other devices with optical (TOSLINK S/PDIF), RCA, or 3.5mm stereo audio output - computers, tablets, digital streaming boxes (including Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV), and more.

  • All cables are included

3 Ways to Connect Your TV

Bluetooth Transmitter for Any 3.5mm Headphone/Audio Output

A close-up image of a black 3.5mm audio jack cable with a compatibility chart below showing icons for rca, 3.5mm, and optical connections.

Option 1: Optical Toslink

Digital connectivity for newer TVs

Device will not convert Dolby/surround sound signal. Change Audio Output Format to PCM in TV audio settings menu

A 3.5mm audio jack cable is depicted above an icon bar representing compatibility with rca, 3.5mm, and optical audio connections.

Option 2: RCA Audio Output

Analog connectivity for older TVs

Please only use red/white RCA plugs labeled on your TV "Audio Output" or "Output"

Red and white rca audio cables against a white background with icons indicating compatibility with 3.5mm and optical connections.

Option 3: 3.5mm Headphone Jack

Easiest connection method for all devices

Use with any jack labeled "Headphone", "Audio Out", or with a headphone symbol

HD Wireless Sound for Your HDTV
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Hear Your TV Better

Using wireless headphones and speakers with your TV helps you hear dialogue in movies and shows by putting the sound closer to your ears and giving you better control over the volume.

Use with the MEE audio Matrix Cinema headphones for even more hearing assistance functionality.

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How It Works

  1. Plug the USB power cable to a power source (TV or wall adapter) and to the Connect
  2. Turn on the Connect
  3. Put Bluetooth headphones into Pairing Mode
  4. Pair Bluetooth headphones to Connect transmitter by pressing Button A
  5. Choose ONLY ONE audio cable supported by your TV
  6. Plug the audio cable into the Connect transmitter and into the TV

Optional: If you don't hear audio from your Bluetooth headphones, follow the instructions in the Connect user manual to adjust the appropriate audio settings on your TV.

Use the volume control on your headphones to adjust volume

User Manual

Tech Specs

Bluetooth Version

– Bluetooth 4.0

Bluetooth Profiles Supported

– A2DP

Bluetooth Codecs

– SBC, Qualcomm® aptX™, Qualcomm® aptX™ Low Latency

Operating Range

– up to 30 ft (10 m)

Number of Headphones Supported

– 1 to 2

Battery Type

– built-in rechargeable batteries

Battery Capacity

– 200 mAh

Play Time

– 12 hours (1 headphones) / 9 hours (2 headphones)

Charging Time

– 1.5 hours

Charging Port

– micro-USB

Product Details
Audio Inputs

– 3.5 mm; optical TOSLINK


– 2.2 x 2.2 x 1 inches (5.5 x 5.5 x 2.5 cm)


– 1.1 oz (31 g)

Connect Product Manual

For information on troubleshooting, pairing, connecting, maintenance, and more please refer to the Connect user manual.

To view the manual in pdf format click here.
To save it to your computer, right click the link and select "Save Link As...".

Included in the Box

  • Connect Transmitter

  • Digital Optical S/PDIF Audio Cable

  • 3.5 mm Audio Cable

  • RCA Audio Cable

  • Micro-USB Power Cable

  • Quick Start Guide

Connect Setup Guide

Watch our setup guide in the link below which demonstrates how easy it is to set up your Connect


Information on pairing, connecting, and troubleshooting

Connect User Manual

Will the MEE audio Connect work with all TVs?

The Connect works with TVs that have at least one supported audio out connection: digital audio out (optical TOSLINK), RCA audio out, or headphone jack. The Optical connection, if available, is generally recommended for best audio performance and flexibility.

Will the Connect Bluetooth Transmitters work with my hearing aids?

This depends on the hearing aids - it will work with hearing aids that (1) support stereo audio over Bluetooth (the A2DP Bluetooth profile) and (2) can be paired to a Bluetooth device without the use of an app or an additional Bluetooth accessory (same as a headphone). If both (1) and (2) are true, you will be able to pair your hearing aids by putting the hearing aids and the Connect transmitter into Bluetooth pairing mode at the same time.

How do I adjust the volume on my AirPods when using them with a Bluetooth transmitter such as the MEE audio Connect?

We strongly recommend using a pair of earphones or headphones that has a built-in volume control. That said, if AirPods are your only option, you can adjust the volume by connecting them to your iPhone or iPad, increasing or decreasing the volume, and then pairing them back to the Connect transmitter.

Does using the MEE audio Connect create a lag (delay) in the audio?

Bluetooth is a digital wireless signal and there is some latency expected due to the coding/decoding steps that must occur, but the Connect is designed to minimize audio lag. In addition to regular Bluetooth audio, the Connect also supports both the aptX and aptX Low Latency audio codecs, which are notable for having lower latency (smaller audio delay) compared to regular Bluetooth audio.

Using the Connect with a headphone that supports aptX will reduce audio lag, and using it with a headphone that supports aptX Low Latency (highly recommended) will lower the lag to where it is not noticeable at all. The MEE audio Matrix Cinema headphones provide the best low latency audio experience with MEE audio transmitters.

Can I use the Connect to stream music wirelessly from my phone to a speaker or other non-Bluetooth audio device?

No, the Connect only works as a Bluetooth transmitter. Transmitters connect to the audio source (such as a TV or computer) using a wire and stream the audio wirelessly to Bluetooth headphones or speakers. In order to stream your music from your phone to a non-Bluetooth speaker, soundbar, or other audio device, a Bluetooth Receiver such as the Connect Hub is needed.

Do I need to plug the MEE audio Connect into a power source?

Yes. Although the Connect includes a built-in battery, it still needs to be plugged in to charge. If you are using the Connect with a TV, we recommend keeping it plugged in to a power source at all times for convenience.

Can others still hear my TV / Can I use my TV speakers while using the MEE audio Connect with Bluetooth headphones?

Yes, depending on the type of audio output your TV has. If your TV has a digital optical audio output (also known as a TOSLINK or Optical S/PDIF connection), then you will be able to use this device with Bluetooth headphones AND hear the TV's built-in speakers simultaneously, so others can still listen to the TV without headphones.

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