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Quality In-Ear Monitors at the Right Price for Your Church

Many churches today are using in ear monitor systems for their worship musicians, and many more are looking to make the switch. Unlike traditional stage monitors, in ears provide their users with hearing protection and can relay the sound of every instrument on stage with greater accuracy.

Back in 2015 our M6 PRO in-ear monitors became an instant hit with musicians worldwide, and also turned out to be a perfect fit for houses of worship, music schools, and other institutions that had been looking for an affordable in-ear monitoring solution.

Eureka! Finally, Quality In-Ear Monitors At the Right Price

“In my professional opinion, from everything that was on display at Summer NAMM, the not- well-known (as-of-yet) MEE Audio products stood out head and shoulders above the rest - giving by far the best sonic bang for your buck. Their simple, single driver offering of the M6 Pro, and the dual-driver M7 Pro (giving more low-end) IEMs, both sounded great!” — Grant Norsworthy

Watch a testimonial from WFX 2018

This struck a note with houses of worship, music schools, and other institutions that have been looking for an affordable solution for years. We’ve since expanded our lineup with the goal of making custom-fit hearing protection and monitoring products equally affordable.

Group Order Program

We welcome group orders from bands, houses of worship, installers, music schools and others in the music business with personalized recommendations, bulk order discounts, and on-demand customization, for example with logos or performers’ names. Get in touch with us using our Group Order Form, or email sales@meeaudio.com, and we’ll be happy to help with all of your in-ear monitoring needs.