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Maintaining Your Earphones

Upkeep for your earphones sounds like a simple task, but it's much more delicate than some users may think. Follow the below guidelines for maximum listening!

When using In-Ear Monitors (IEMs), you want to make sure that your ears are cleaned as you will be inserting eartips deep into the ear canal. When removing the cable from your audio device, please pull on the plug with the strain relief to help ensure longevity of the cables. Pulling anywhere from the middle of the cable can quickly shorten the lifespan and you can expect to hear some intermittent sounds sooner or later.
Wipe the plug firmly with a damp cloth or paper towel every now and then. We recommend swabbing the outside of the earphone nozzle with alcohol or peroxide to eliminate earwax build-up and also soaking the eartips in peroxide to dissolve any earwax that may be collecting on the inside of the eartip cores. Please make sure both the earphones and eartips are dry completely before replacing the tips and resuming use. This may need to be done periodically as earwax does tend to accumulate over time.
Storing Do not wrap around anything. Wrap them using methods that will provide the least stress and store them in a pouch (or somewhere secure). Do not store in high heat temperatures. Do not store in your pocket bare.

That's it! Happy listening!