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Recommended Ear Impression Vendors

Below is a list of audiology offices we’ve had direct contact with and trust they’ll do a good job with your ear impressions.

For these locations, you do not have to bring our Audiologist Instruction Sheet with you to have your ear impressions done. However, we still recommend sending us verification photos of your impressions prior to sending them in.

This list will be updated periodically. Please note that this does not mean other audiologists will do a poorer job taking your ear impressions – just make sure to bring our Audiologist Instruction Sheet with you and send us verification photos of your impressions, and the end result will be just as good!

Audiologist Locations
These locations will provide you with physical ear impressions, which you can then mail in to our office. In addition to the audiologists on this map, our customers have also had positive experiences with the Beltone network. We recommend making an ear impression appointment in advance.

Locations with Electronic Transmission
These are locations will electronically transmit your ear impressions to us via email, so you don’t have to mail in physical molds. We recommend calling ahead of your visit to verify hours of operation.