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Introducing Modular In Ear Monitors

MX PRO in-ear monitors blur the line between universal and custom in-ears with a fully modular design that allows all parts, customizations, and accessories to be changed or upgraded independently

Buy MX PRO modular in ear monitors in retail packaging with standard accessories
Design your own MX PRO from the ground up with our dynamic customizer interface

MX3 PRO triple driver modular in ear monitors with showing both custom and universal eartips and faceplates
Chart showing how the MX PRO series' modular system works and which parts can be upgraded

How It Works

Our patent-pending modular system was designed from the ground up so that all parts and accessories – including custom-molded eartips and engraved faceplates – are interchangeable between all the models in the series.

This means you can start with a universal-fit MX1 PRO and convert it into a custom monitor over time as your needs change. If any part needs to be replaced later on, or you simply want to switch to another MX PRO model, you can swap all of your accessories and customizations – even the custom-fit molds – over in a matter of seconds.

This modular approach blurs the line between universal and custom in-ears, helping fulfill our vision of delivering great audio performance and on-stage hearing protection for musicians on any budget.

Watch the video below to learn more about the MX PRO and its modular system.